Hungarian artist Arnold Réthy lets his imagination run wild. His drawings and paintings are characterized by fluid lines, layered graphics and modern abstraction. Vanichi gets to the heart of his process, how he overcomes creative blocks and his thoughts on the intersection of art and 3D printing.

Artistic Medium: Ink, Charcoal, Acrylic, Oil

Years in Art: 2 years

Favourite Quote:

Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.

—  Pablo Picasso

Q. What is your artistic process?

My artistic process is usually always the same. I’m doing something completely different like watching television, reading, or just sitting with my thoughts and in a sudden I start to feel a motivation for creating something.

I start to organize my desk, I grab the materials that I feel like would be the choice for the moment like ink or graphite, or chalk for drawing or acrylic or oil for painting. I have a great variety of paper types around me so I can choose anything I like. Everything happens fast. I immediately sit down grab my pen, or brush and I start to draw. It’s very rare that I know what I will end up drawing, usually I’m following my instincts and the results are surprising me almost every time.

I’m a religious man and I believe that we all have our talents from above. Sometimes I think I’m not even the one who makes the curves and lines. I think through the art process we can experience the creation in a way.

the journey arnold rethy

“The Journey” by Arnold Rethy

Q. Do you have a fail-proof method of overcoming creative block?

I don’t think there’s anything like that in art. We all have our struggles from time to time, but there are methods that we can use and I think these are different for each and every artist in the world. When I have a creative block I could be very depressed and I have to force myself not to think about my failure. I need to step away from my art a little bit.

I’m just leaving everything as is on my desk and there are times when I’m not even drawing for one or two weeks. I’m doing things that are deflecting my attention. This isn’t so hard for me because I have a full time job and a lot of work to do.

The funny thing is in this period I’m collecting a lot of information and experience that I wouldn’t even notice but later will definitely influence my work.  Sometimes I have another method when I sit down and just start to draw lines and when I start to see something interesting in the sketch, my imagination goes wild altogether with my hand.

This could end up in very interesting ways.

Posing_In_Sunshine arnold rethy

“Posing In Sunshine”

Q. When and where do you feel most creative?

My creative space is my home. I have a little desk with so many tools and a little bit of required chaos. As an artist I like order and chaos too. In the art process there can’t be complete order for me. As I start to express myself as I’m drawing or painting, chaos comes alive around me. My tools are everywhere, the paint is everywhere, but when I’m done, through this chaos, the order is born in the finished artwork.

I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful wife who enables me the perfect conditions for my creativity. She organizes my tools, my artworks and she creates the peaceful environment that is essential for me to let myself go.

She and my family are the ones who support me from the beginning. They had my back so many times when I didn’t have the courage and I didn’t believed in myself and my talent.

floating arnold rethy


Q. How do you foresee technology changing the landscape in your field of art?

I love technology. These are great times that we live in despite the lot of bad things that are happening around the world. Knowing how many new things has born in the past decade I’m waiting for the amazing things that are going to come.

I’m already a huge fan of the internet. I’m Hungarian and it’s amazing how open the world became. When I was in high school there was nothing like smartphones or Facebook but now I’m selling my artworks, prints, even clothing with my graphics on all over the world!

arnold rethy one day circus

“One Day in the Circus”

Without the evolution of technology I would have never had the chance to be featured in your magazine. If there weren’t smartphones… if there wasn’t Instagram; that’s what gave me the first big push to regain my self-confidence. When you make your first post and you’re waiting on the replies nervously and they are actually positive, that’s just priceless. Here in Hungary my mentor is a famous painter named Dr. Ferenc Kesztyűs who’s the co-inventor of a revolutionary silicone paint, which has some amazing colours and it’s literally indestructible. It won’t crack, it won’t lose its colour and it’s here to stay for thousands of years. This could be the future of painting in a way and I’m honored that I’m one of the first people who can make paintings with it for the future generations.

I see a great future of 3D printing in art too through sculptures and articles for personal use. So I think technology is essential for the development of art.

arnold rethy

Artist Arnold Rethy

Q. What in your opinion, is the hardest step in creating a masterpiece?

I highly doubt that any great artist would say about any of his artwork that it’s a true masterpiece, but I can only speak for myself.

As an artist I can never make something that I’m completely satisfied with. The hardest thing is to let go of the art process in the best time, so it’s not overdone and it’s not less than it should be.

This artwork could be a masterpiece to a third person but in my eyes it never should be better than an okay picture. We always have to learn, develop and to this the key is that we should never have the right to sit back and be giddy with our success. If you become a successful artist then there is much for you to be modest about.