Daft Punk’s True Faces Revealed for Art’s Sake

A new double exhibition by artist Xavier Veilhan showcases life-like renderings of the producers shaping our hypermodern aural landscape. For over a decade, artist Xavier Veilhan has been rearranging the definitions of figurative sculpture through fascinating combinations of architectural elements, classical sculpture and future-forward technology. His current double exhibition, “Music”, is simultaneously running in New York and Paris at Galerie Perrotin. In both locations, Veilhan creates a visual landscape of our increasingly manufactured auditory world.

daft punk veilhan 3d vanichi

The faces of musical duo Daft Punk revealed in 3D sculpted birch plywood.

Not only does he acknowledge the “Producers” that have shaped our musical experiences, but he also magnifies the aural sensations that we often disregard or take for granted in our urban, ultramodern lives. Using a variety of materials from woods to metals, Veilhan has synthesized his own collection of musical geniuses which include Rick Rubin, The Neptunes’ Pharrell Willams and Chad Hugo, Brian Eno, Quincy Jones, Lee “Scratch” Perry and others.

veilhan music exhibition


From top clockwise: “Music” exhibition in Galerie Perrotin’s NY location, Rick Rubin in oak, plywood, acrylic paint and varnish, and Lee Scratch Perry in resin,aluminum,plywood and paint. Images courtesy of Galerie Perrotin.

Perhaps the most brilliant surprise for the pop culture obsessed will be the sculptures of French duo Daft Punk as their actual selves. The producers, whose civilian names are Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, allowed Veilhan to render their non-helmeted faces for his 3D sculptures crafted from birch plywood. This is possibly a testament to Veilhan’s artistry as well as his charm; few images exist of the two without their famous futuristic helmets.

This is Veilhan’s seventh solo exhibition at Galerie Perrotin. “Music” will run until April 11,2015.