Freedom and Fashion x Bangladesh 2016 is fundraising to help young girls be able to choose education.

The women of Bangladesh are creating their own definition of what it means to be strong human beings. Efforts are being made both inside and outside of the country to keep improving access to education for young girls. One such effort is being led by Freedom and Fashion, a non-profit that works toward a future where oppression no longer exists. With women in workforce of Bangladesh totaling over 57%, there are alarming numbers of young girls who either drop out of school or never enroll so that they can contribute to household income. Using the arts of fashion and beauty, Freedom and Fashion creates empowering programs that mentor and bring freedom to at-risk young women and survivors of the sex trade. On June 30, the nonprofit will hold a fundraiser in Los Angeles for its programs.

According to UNICEF,

“With a population of 130 million Bangladesh has around 19 million children of primary school age (ages 6-10). Almost half are girls. Tremendous efforts in the past decade have been successful in getting more girls into school, resulting in gender parity in enrollments in primary and lower secondary schools, but the percentage of girls begins to decline in the later secondary years. When the girl dropouts are added to the number of girls who have never enrolled, there are still approximately 1.5 million primary school age girls out of school.”

Through education, Bangladeshi women create a new future for themselves and the generations to come. They also harness the power to positively improve their local economy and remain poised to reap the benefits of a growing economy. Many people still equate Bangladesh with extreme poverty. Yet, in 2015, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) asserted that Bangladesh is “The Surging Consumer Economy Nobody Saw Coming“. Acknowledging that the country already has Jamuna Future Park, the largest shopping mall in South Asia, BCG predicted,

“each year for the next decade, the annual income of around 2 million additional Bangladeshis will reach $5,000 or more. That means that they will be earning enough to afford goods that offer convenience and luxury, such as air conditioners, imported shampoos, and cosmetics. And although half of Bangladeshis still live at the so-called bottom of the pyramid, economists estimate that another 30 million to 40 million will make the leap from poverty to the entry rungs of the middle class by 2025.”

Knowing the value and importance of young women succeeding in a growing consumer economy, Freedom and Fashion is bringing a customized mentorship program to them in July 2016. This program will incorporate mentorship, coaching, fashion and dance.

freedom fashion bangladesh 2016 fundraiser

Check out this video to learn more about what Freedom and Fashion is spearheading. You can donate to their efforts here:


freedom fashion x bangladesh 2016