Meet Syan Leung as Vanichi Explores The Passion Behind the Hong Kong Based Fashion Stylist, Art Director

There’s no such thing as ‘perfect’ in fashion, since fashion never stands still but roars. Meet Syan Leung, a Hong Kong based fashion stylist, art director. and visual merchandiser. He first came to our attention via his Instagram page, which highlights his international style and flare, with daring visuals put together in keen detail. Whether he is working with Calvin Klein as a fashion coordinator, envisioning an image from art direction to styling, Syan seamlessly intertwines his international aesthetic with cultural heritage. He especially enjoys working fashion editorials, having published his work in numerous magazines around the world. His clients also include celebrities, advertising agencies, and he even is head designer for Hong Kong based band, EIGHTEEENTH.

Fashion Stylist Syan Leung Vanichi Hong Kong

Portrait of Hong Kong Based Fashion Stylist, Art Director Syan Leung

Influenced by his family, fashion design has always been Syan’s dream. At the age of 15, he decided to devote himself to the industry. With the expertise acquired from the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) where he garnered the Best Fashion Styling Award at graduation. Syan also achieved notable honours during his time at London College of Fashion (LCF).

Vanichi Syan Leung fashion stylist

Syans editorial work draws inspiration from an ecletic blend of cultural influences.

Vanichi: What is your artistic/ creative process?

Syan Leung: Mostly I take creative inspirations from my surroundings, especially street style. I am fascinated by the way people style themselves on street, especially in South Korea and London. The people are really interesting and chic, they tend to like putting different materials colors, styles together, which makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. This inspires me, especially when I am brainstorming looks or art direction for a client or new project.

Vanichi Syan Leung Art Director in Hong Kong

Vanichi Syan Leung Visual merchandiser artist china

Vanichi: Do you have a fail-proof method of overcoming creative block?

Syan Leung: Creative block is natural I guess. Every artist will have those periods where creativity seems to dry up and nothing will spring forward. For myself, I will lock myself in a room and calm down. I think the best way is to clear your mind and think in detail, then you might discover something you missed.

Vanichi Syan Leung Magazine Editorial Asia

Vanichi Syan Leung fashion editorial shoot

Vanichi: Can you remember the first piece of art you created, or your first major display of creativity? What makes it memorable?

Syan Leung: I still remember a fashion shoot when I was studying. It was an outdoor editorial shoot in a dam, and I put lots of effort towards the art direction and styling. But on that day, the baddest thing happen, a big thunderstorm and tycoon 8! Our crew of course got wet like hell, but it is also a funny memory to show to show how tough a stylist should be to get the job done no matter what.

Vanichi Syan Leung Womens fashion editorial

Vanichi: Have you ever ventured from your comfort zone into a new genre of art/ creative expression? How did it go?

Syan Leung: Of course. I constantly seek creativity. When you need breakthrough, you definitely need to try some new! When I do styling, I will try to put something is seems not make any sense together, like chinese print with western crinoline. it might generates a new style which you can never imagine.

Vanichi Syan Leung

Syan’s visual aesthetic is rooted in international design, structure and edge.

Vanichi Syan Leung Hong Kong fashion

Vanichi: What does beauty mean to you?

Syan Leung: Beauty, to me, is like personality. Everyone have their own beauty, it can be judge, but it need to be `characteristic`. When people see Who you are from your unique attitude, they will think you are beautiful. No one wanna chill with a copy cat right? 


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