On Sunday, August 17, 2014 at the Avalon in Hollywood, the second annual Geekie Awards. Those who couldn’t attend the show in person were able to watch it stream live on Twitch.tv. Referred to as “The Geekies” by fans and followers, it is the only award show by geeks for geeks. Founder Kristen Nedopak created the show to celebrate creativity and the ability to be passionate about what you find cool. Here are some highlights no one expected from the evening:

Vanichi Geekie Awards

Geekie Awards host Khail Anonymous seated on the Gibson Guitar Throne. Photo by Joe Lester.

Gibson Made an Iron Throne… of Guitars

Kept under secret wraps for months, Gibson Brands displayed an epic iron throne of guitars that stayed front and center on the stage the entire show. Where last year’s Geekie Awards went with a Star Trek Enterprise bridge inspired theme, the 2014 awards were more fantasy focused.

Gale Ann Hurd Revealed She’s a MARVEL Girl

First up for accolades was the First Lady of Sci Fi, Gale Ann Hurd. Hurd received the Geekie Award’s Stan Lee Lifetime Achievement Award. Stan “The Man” Lee received the show’s first ever lifetime award last year. Although he was unable to appear in person, Lee recorded a heartfelt video to celebrate Hurd’s achievements which include co-writing The Terminator and producing AMC’s The Walking Dead.

As Hurd gave her acceptance speech, she mentioned she has always admired Stan Lee. Then she admitted that since her childhood, she has been a “Marvel girl.” The statement left the crowd roaring in applause.

LeVar Burton receives Geek of the Year for his fundraising to provide Reading Rainbow to kids everywhere. Photo by Joe Lester.


LeVar Burton Serenaded the Crowd

“… Take a look, it’s in a book, a Reading Rainbow,” are the enchanting lyrics LeVar approached the mic singing as he accepted the Geek of the Year Award. As if at a Hollywood Bowl concert, the crowd sang along.

Burton was recognized not only for his talented body of work from Roots to Star Trek Next Generations‘ Geordi La Forge, but also for his commitment to literacy. Earlier this year, as Jason Ritter explained on stage, Burton raised over $5 Million in less than 30 days to make Reading Rainbow available to children around the world.

Manu Bennett and Olga Kay. Photo by Joe Lester.

Manu Bennett Mooned Everyone But No Seemed to Mind

Presenting the award for Best Personality alongside Olga Kay, Manu Bennett of Spartacus and Arrow fame made everyone temporarily forget the category. The Kiwi-born, Aussie-raised hunk proved he works out when he turned to the crowd and momentarily flashed booty. Again, no one complained, and no one ever will.

The Geekie Awards Vanichi Magazine

T Rex lets loose during the Cosplay category. Photo by Joe Lester.


A T-Rex Roamed Free
Taking puppetry and cosplay to another level, a T Rex roamed the red carpet, halls, stage and even city streets of Hollywood. Some heads were nearly lost but, as far as we know, no one pressed charges.

Greg Grunberg Gave a Riveting Acceptance Speech

OK, Greg Grunberg didn’t really receive an award. The “Heroes”, “Lost” and “Alias” star and app-mogul presented the Tabletop Game award alongside his former “Heroes” co-star, Brea Grant. The two were surprised that the winner wasn’t in attendance but Grunberg flexed his razor-sharp improv skills by quickly impersonating the winner by proclaiming, “I remember when I created this game…”


Khail Anonymous getting a taste of Catwoman's whip. Photo by Joe Lester.

They Whipped the Host Into Shape

Not to say he was asking for it but, Geekies host Khail Anonymous invited Catwoman to whip him into shape, literally. Although she cracked the whip twice, we feel she held back. Rather, Khail looked like he could have handled more.