Some people don’t just talk the talk, they walk it. See how Rosario Dawson’s encouraging voter registration through her new talk show, My Peoples.

Rosario Dawson has been making a lot of noise on behalf of the people. She made headlines with her support for presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders but the activist/actor isn’t stopping there. Through a new talk show called My Peoples, Dawson urged people to register to vote and register 5 other people to vote. The challenge intends to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote, especially among the younger generations.
mypeoples rosario dawson register2vote
My Peoples launched its inaugural episode starring host Erica Williams Simon, actress Rosario Dawson, journalist Wendy Carrillo, comedian Ramy Youssef, and writer/activist/PhD Maytha Alhassen, as they dove in head first to issues facing our nation today. During the show, Dawson issued the registration challenge and summarized what the power of voting means for her, “[It’s] recognizing that it’s not OK for racial profiling or stop and frisk. Recognizing that we can take care of each other by voting and showing up…”
You can watch her challenge here:

My Peoples is a new talk show-format online series created by Rosario Dawson and Sean Carasso. The show is inviting celebrities, activists, journalists, artists and musicians to come together for real talk in front of a live studio audience every Sunday at Mack Sennett Studios. The show will stream live at 7pm PST online at