WE ARE ONE VOICE celebrates America’s diversity through a portrait series from renowned photographer Seamus Conlan.

We live in a world of beautiful, diverse peoples. Although America is a young country, it’s an amazing example of modern diversity with various peoples, ideas and cultures merging into one. Yet, polls are suggesting that as much as 60% of Americans feel pessimistic about the state of race relations today. In a hope to change the conversation, a campaign called WE ARE ONE VOICE celebrates America’s diversity. Photographed by renowned war photographer Seamus Conlan, the portraiture project launched in Venice Beach, California on August 10. This is the largest photography project in America, set to cover 25 cities total.

We are one voice - Venice Exhibit

During the Rwandan genocide, Conlan photographed 21,000 Rwandan children in order to reunite them with their families and start to heal the wounds of the devastating tribal conflict. American Photo magazine named him 16th of the “100 most important people in photography” and Life Magazine honored him for having taken one of the ‘100 images that changed the world’ for his work.

“In Conlan’s hands, art had the power to literally save lives–and begin to save a broken society,” says Rolling Stone writer Guy Lawson. “What Conlan did in Rwanda qualifies as one of the great heroic acts in the history of photojournalism.”

Now, Conlan is turning his lens toward the United States. The photographer invited people to visit his pop up studio in Venice Beach Skate Park for a portrait that was then printed and displayed along the shoreline for passersby. Presented by Blue microphones, those who lent their faces were also asked to lend their voices, stand for diversity and speak on why they love a world of many peoples.

we are one voice celebrates america diversity

Wednesday August 10th saw photographer Séamus Conlan using the power of images to unite people in Los Angeles with the WE ARE ONE VOICE campaign the start of a 25 city photographic tour across America. Photo of Grae Matthews by Seamus Conlan.

“Diversity is a fundamental part of the human experience, without it everything is the same and you have nothing to learn or grow from. That is what makes America great, its rich diversity.” says Conlan.

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