Indy 500 vanichi

This weekend marked the 99th annual Indy 500, a Motor Speedway event that can be considered one of the most quintessentially American events on the annual sporting calendar.

The Indy 500 draws its audience in for a myriad of reasons, whether it’s the innovation and engineering-genius, or the adrenaline-rush of watching cars missile around in speeds in excess of 230 mph. Perhaps it’s the competitive potential of witnessing a fiery wreck, the immense pressure that can invariably lead to pit crew brawls, or the inspiration one receives from watching these mathematical athletes operate with sheer brilliance and precision.

Over 300,000 need-for-speed junkies packed into the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana for the event. Millions of eyeballs from all over the world tuned into their television sets to watch the event. For this year’s competition, the personal finance website WalletHub crunched the stats to create a cool by-the-numbers report that breaks down the event’s economics and major storylines.  A few highlights are below.

  • $3.5M: The current value of the Indy 500 trophy.
  • $431M: The Indy 500’s economic impact on the city of Indianapolis.
  • 14.5%: Percentage increase in the average ticket price from 2014.
  • 2nd: Consecutive year in which “glamping” will be allowed in the Indy 500 infield over race weekend.

Below is an infographic presented by the team at WalletHub that further breaks down the event.