Airbnb just launched a Refugee Housing Platform that will help evacuees find free hosting.

Yesterday, Airbnb launched, a new platform that will allow relief organizations and nonprofits to seamlessly connect refugees, evacuees and other people in need with Airbnb hosts who have offered to temporarily house displaced people at no cost. The hospitality company has partnered with leading Canadian Refugee Support Organizations to help coordinate efforts.

Right now, authorized organizations in Canada, including SINGA Quebec, Inland Refugee Society of BC and Kinbrace can search and book Airbnb listings for refugees and other displaced people in need by visiting

Earlier this year, Airbnb set a goal of providing short term housing over the next five years for 100,000 people in need around the world. The new pilot program will help achieve this goal by making it easy for relief organizations to book listings with hosts around the world who have offered to share their space with refugees at no cost. To date, there are 6,000 listings available for free. Anyone who wants to join as a host can volunteer their space through

With a valuation of $31 Billion, Airbnb is the world’s leader in travel rentals. The company vows to keep expanding its partners for the platform throughout the year. Airbnb also states that the brand is  committed to providing housing around the world for those who are displaced.