Swiss watchmaker Hublot has named renowned visual artist and fashion photographer Chen Man as its first female Asian brand ambassador. Chen Man has made an international name for herself with her stunning and often surrealistic photography. Exhibitions of her work have been held in London, Paris, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.


Following the luxury timepiece brand’s philosophy of ‘Art of Fusion’, Chen Man blends modern Chinese visual art with traditional philosophical imagery and modern fashion. By mixing these seemingly contradictory concepts, the artist creates a style that is uniquely her own and perfectly aligned with Hublot’s brand drive to “be the first, unique and different”.


Bar Refeali. © Hublot / Chen Man


Lang Lang. © Hublot / Chen Man


Lapo Elkann. © Hublot / Chen Man

Chen Man has shot three of Hublot’s past ambassadors including businesswoman and model Bar Rafaeli, concert pianist Lang Lang and style icon Lapo Elkann. This is the first time Man has stepped from behind the lens to head a campaign.