Ermenegildo Zegna revealed its Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 campaign focused on the Eco-leader. To match the sustainable collection masterminded by Stefano Pilati, the brand is launching a campaign starring actor Ben Northover (of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows fame) to embody the Ermenegildo Zegna eco-leader fashion. This leader is an environmentally conscious eco influencer who respects the planet, the plants and inter-connectivity of life.

The collection itself focuses on recyclable fabrics such as Harris Tweed, Century cashmere and Zegna wool. Pilati is also using fabrics made from recycled yarn in his strides to green Zegna and luxury overall.

ermenegildo zegna eco-leader

The complementing campaign provides imagery to directly speak to a new luxury consumer. The story revolves around the “urban” uniform needed by an eco-leader. This Zegna man is modern, conscious and steps up. He fearlessly forges new paths and pioneers new thought. He respects the planet and its inhabitants. So when he’s committed to a cause, his passion inspires and ignites those around him.

ermenegildo zegna eco-leader hand

Images of hands holding and interacting with small leafy plants and soil abound throughout the campaign. They intermingle with the fashion tableaux and help ground the message.

ermenegildo zegna aw2015 2016

This fascinating direction echoes a mindset of luxury as a choice. The term luxury is a buzzword in modern times attached to anything expensive, even if it’s mass produced or, even worse, not particularly artisan. We like that for Pilati, luxury is about origins as well as design. Where some see eco-minded fashion as a restriction, Pilati seems to be using it as a launching pad.

Everyone needs certain clothing stables. Being able to know that the pieces you purchase are ethically fabricated and sustainable is a far better alternative than acquiring something with mysterious origins.

We anticipate it will be fun to watch how Pilati continues infusing bold, strong elements into his conscious designs and eco-leader fashion.