kormaran dashboard vanichi

Kormaran speedboat features 6 modes that lets boaters have an array of choices without having to own a full marina of different boats.


Kormaran has a more efficient vision of the luxurious future. The Austrian company that sports a convertible speedboat of the same name offers boaters six modes: a catamaran, a trimaran, a monohull, a full efficient yet high-speed flightmode, a nightmode and a bathing mode with a platform for sunbathing on the water.

Its transforming abilities seem straight out a spy film and its carbon fiber design seems straight out of F1 racing. Kormaran’s sleek design boasts 493 horsepower with 3 jet propellers and its finishes include stainless steel, titanium, a warm teak wood deck and a Boxmark Xtreme leather interior. It can travel 180 nmi (200 km) at its top speed of 44 mph (70 km/h).

The company first debuted their prototype of a transforming boat in June 2012. Two years later, they are presenting this updated Kormaran at the Monaco Yacht Show which kicked off today at Port Hercules and ends Saturday. Pricing is still a mystery but the company is taking buyer inquiries through their website.

Kormaran Debuts Six Mode Convertible Speedboat


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