The future is here and it’s about to be distributed. Skully Helmet exceeds your wildest expectations.


Their goal was to raise $250,000 but when Skully Helmet’s IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign went live on August 10, the tech startup raised over $800,000 in one day. Hailed as the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet, hopes are that the Skully AR-1 can use its technology to help save lives. The helpful tech advancements include an ultra-wide angle rearview camera, a transparent line-of-sight oriented head’s up display, GPS navigation with a high-speed microprocessor and a fog/scratch/glare resistant visor. The helmet is also Bluetooth connected with integrated audio, hands-free calling, voice control, streaming music and internet via phone.

Essentially, the Skully AR-1 allows real-time information that will keep the user  aware of their environmental situation on all sides without having to take their eyes of the road. Plus the GPS integrated navigation provides location information in low-reception areas. The headgear is also lightweight with laser-cut design to provide precise fitting for each size option.


Founder and CEO of SKULLY, Marcus Weller.

“Our technology fundamentally enhances human capability,” states Skully founder and CEO, Marcus Weller. After a crash in 2011 where Weller averted his eyes to look at a sign and ended up hitting a stopped car, the innovator realized there was a need to make a smarter helmet for today’s digital world.

Skully’s IndieGoGo campaign provides patrons some additional perks including a $1,399 launch pre-order price and a refund on the full-purchase price of the helmet when you refer 5 friends that also purchase. Now with only hours 17 left to crowdsource, Skully has raised over $1.83 Million and ignited a customer base that is salivating for the May 2015 delivery date. See the Skully AR-1 Trailer below:

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