Cambridge, UK based printing company Novalia has been combining standard printing with conventional electronics. They are busy working on releasing a paper thin printable keyboard. This wireless Bluetooth keyboard is printed on photo paper with conductive ink. Imagine the freedom in this technology. As long as a person has ink, paper and circuits, anyone can have a keyboard. We could even possibly travel with a portable printer and print the keyboard later as needed during travels. It could also make keyboards more accessible to schools and areas of the world that are affected by the digital divide.

 paper thin printable keyboard tech

The design prints a standard QWERTY keyboard layout with conductive ink. That sheet of paper then goes over a proprietary electronic sensor. This sensor can generate the actual letters that would be associated with each key press exactly as if it were a conventional keyboard.

paper thin printable keyboard vanichi

The Novalia device is extremely low-impact. A regular watch battery allows the keyboard to run for about 9 months.

Novalia’s team is led by Dr. Kate Stone. Their designs seek to merge traditional printing methods with electronics. They’ve had great success with a bangable drum poster. Working with sound technology, the poster lets you not only hear the beat but also feel it as you play it. Essentially, the whole surface is a speaker. Since the company believes in devices being connected to Bluetooth and smartphone technology, they’re currently working on an iOS device for a new version of the poster that play beats through your headphones and sound system.

With such innovation, Novalia is definitely a tech company to watch. While we wait for the keyboard, you can scroll down to see a demo of the drum poster.

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