Tom Ford is a fashion legend. At 53 years old, he is revered in the world of fashion, having turned around not one, but two of the most iconic fashion houses- Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Also respected for his business ethics and reliable track record, he made waves in Hollywood when he “took a break from fashion”, to direct an Oscar-nominated film,  A Single Man.

tom ford

However, it was the founding of his eponymous brand, Tom Ford, that truly cemented his mogul status. This year, he made headlines for strategically transplanting his London-based fashion house, to the Entertainment Capital of the World Los Angeles, where he held the first fashion show backed by a major designer in recent years. He is positioning himself strategically and both fashion and entertainment industries are welcoming him with open arms.

That being stated, it comes as no surprise that the mogul is looking for projects that go beyond the glitz-and-glamor of a world he is all too familiar with. This past Wednesday, May 27, Tom Ford attended the premiere of ‘The True Cost’, at the Curzon Cinema in Bloomsbury, London.

The docu-film and fashion exposé explores the true environmental, socio-economic and global effects behind the ‘fast fashion’ business model. “The True Cost” was directed by Andrew Morgan and produced by Livia Firth, Creative Director of Eco-Age and wife of Colin Firth. Eco-Age’s on a mission to increase the value and social impact of businesses around the world via the adaptation of models for sustainability, awareness, and social responsibility. Livia and her firm recently helped Chopard launch their first ethical gold jewelry line at Cannes 2015.

Through the film, Livia brings forth many issues that are often swept under the rug by mega-brands, who have had to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands. Such issues range from everything to discarded clothing and their detrimental effects on landfills, the use of carcinogenic pesticides in fashion production, to the worker and human rights violations that the fast fashion model perpetuates.

“It’s really a journey into fast fashion and, I’m not sure how to say it politely, but basically how f*cked up this whole thing is. Things are complicated and murky and totally unjust and wrong, so it’s a big call to reform, a big call to consumers to try to take a step back and start consuming maybe a bit more consciously.”

Enter Tom Ford. The designer pledged his full support behind the project, which is already attracting a host of celebrity and big shot supporters including Tom’s fellow designer, Nicole Fahri, Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet, singer Annie Lennox and British Fashion Council head, Caroline Rush. Tom Fords support is sure to inspire many of his industry peers to introspectively reflect on their business practices, and the measure of their global effect- beyond record profits.

True Costs makes its worldwide debuts today and can be purchased digitally or via DVD and Blu-Ray here.