First, Uber burst on the scene with ridesharing. Then, in conjunction with Hélipass, they introduced a helicopter service during Cannes 2015. Now, Uber turns its sights on the open water as UberBOAT launches Istanbul speedboat service. The brand has only had a presence in Istanbul for one year. It decided to focus on private ferry choices and has teamed with sea transport company Navette-Tezman Holding.

uberboat launches istanbul speedboat service

The service will ferry you across the Bosphorus Strait, a natural waterway dividing the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.  Using the vehicle menu on the standard app, users can order their personal speedboat. The boats can transport between six and eight passengers at a time.

uberboat launches istanbul speedboat service uber

The UberBOAT trip will cost about USD $19 which is substantially pricier than the average public ferry rate of USD 81 cents per 20 routes. Despite the price difference, the service could be attractive due to Istanbul’s growing traffic problems; according to TomTom navigation service, the city has Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro both beat as hosting the world’s worst traffic.

Uber’s not the only taking to the water. Aston Martin Plans to Create Powerboats & Yachts.