What if Ferrari built a spacecraft? Flavio Manzoni, the supercar brand’s Chief of Design since 2010, imagines how Ferrari would look in space and the result is a sleek, aerodynamic Ferrari UFO.

Manzoni is a lifelong sci-fi fan and for fun, started imagining with his sketch pencil. “At first it was a sketch, or rather a series of sketches, then [it developed] into a rendering,” he told Form Trends. The final renderings were completed by Ferrari graphic designer Billy Galliano.

ferrari spacecraft 3ferrari spacecraft sketchferrari spacecraft 2

Ferrari has often been compared to a spaceship since the high performance vehicle practically flies on the ground. Even in his imagining of the UFO, Manzoni keeps some of the brands notable design details present. The outer fins pay homage to the LaFerrari hypercar and the upswept tail fins remind one of the racing-ready FXX K. Additional echoes of the LaFerrari appear in the front splitter. Although this is purely a concept for now, it is a fantastic sneak preview into the iconic brand’s interstellar future.

ferrari spacecraft ferrari ufo spacecraft