Jean Nouvel Designs Plant-Covered Sao Paolo Hotel

Ateliers Jean Nouvel released renderings of a new project alongside Matarazzo Park in Sao Paolo. Torre Rosewood will be a plant-covered luxury hotel with interiors by Philippe Starck. The building has an adjoining former hospital that will also be factored into the new design. The 90-metre tower will be covered in a lattice Cortel-steel facade. Combined with plant-life that will placed along the multiple terraces of the design, the building will look like a modern floating garden.


Scheduled to open in 2019, Torre Rosewood which translates to “Rosewood Tower”. will be a mixed use complex to facilitate cultural events and tourism. There will be 275 guest rooms when combining the accommodations in  Nouvel’s new building and the dormant hospital. The complex will also house 122 apartments, two restaurants, a bar and a caviar lounge, three swimming pools and a spa.

The Matarazzo hospital building will shelter 51 of the hotel’s rooms and three of the hotel’s restaurants.



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