As the year comes to a close, we choose our Vanichi Style 2016 home must haves

We’re excited about the future. As the year comes to a close, our editors choose some Vanichi Style 2016 home must haves. From luxurious minimalist sofas to forthcoming shower heads that will change everything about bathing, scroll below for a list of our wish list home furnishings and accessories for the new year.

  StephenKenn_DISCInteriors_CustomSectional_Sofa_2_web StephenKenn_NaturalCanvas_PolishedBrassSofa_2_web

Stephen Kenn Furniture

Designed and made in Los Angeles, California, Stephen Kenn Inheritance Collection is one of our favorite things. From the Military Canvas Sofa (6,900) to the Indigo Canvas and Marbled Rust Sectional (11,000), the collection dances with comfort and rugged refinement. Details of different pieces include steel welded frames, custom webbing belts, smooth leather straps and unexpected fabrics. The Military Canvas Sofa for instance is made from repurposed WWII military fabric. The collection was inspired by the stories inherent in the vintage military canvas used for the covers. Each piece is unique, and carries small imperfections, hand-repaired tears, and markings from the soldiers who originally used the material. The Indigo Canvas sectional consists of naturally dyed indigo canvas which is complemented with oxblood leather straps.

stephen kenn inheritance furniture vanichi navy copper

Stephen kenn_Sofa_Detail_vanichi


We also go gaga for the Black Sheepskin and Brass Armchair (5,900) with black leather straps. The black Mongolian lambswool is perfect against the antique brass frame.

nebia shower head

Nebia Shower

Nebia has found a way to get the body clean and hydrated while saving up to 70% in water usage. How does it work? Through technology the Nebia team refers to as H2MICRO™. The unique showerhead is designed to atomize the water into millions of droplets. If a steam room and shower could have a baby, this would be it. The array can get the entire body clean, rinse out all of the shampoo.

The device itself is adjustable on a 27″ track, so it can accommodate most any height. It also is removable and tilts 45°. Nebia also worked tirelessly to make the design easy to self-install. After testing on the campuses of Equinox Gyms, Apple and Google, the start up did pre-sales on Kickstarter.

Nebia raised over $3.1 million from less than 9,000 backers. You can still pre-order the shower head for US $349, which is $50 less than the full retail price of $399.

cocolux australia bergamot lily spice candle

CocoLux Candles

Copper is one of the hottest metals for 2016 and we have found a wonderful way to bring into your home’s accents. This clean burning candle is hand poured in Australia from sustainably sourced coconut wax. It’s free from paraffin wax, soy wax and palm wax and oil. Vanichi picks the Bergamot, Lily & Moss in Pure Copper, ($65 AUD) an androgynous scent that mixes refreshing citrus and earthy, fern-like notes with Lily of the Valley.

cocolux australia bergamot lily spice candle box