$1 Million Electric Supercar Concept_One presents the future, today.

There’s a new kid on the block and it’s a $1 Million electric supercar. The Concept_One by Rimac Automobili is crazy fast, seductively sleek and a feat of engineering. In terms of speed, it goes from zero to 60 in 2.6 seconds. It can reach 120 mph in 6.2 seconds. And the Washington Post reports the Concept_One top speed is 221 mph.

Aesthetics, science, emotion and detailed quality truly dance hand in hand in the Croatian vehicle’s design. Now, the supercar has officially gone on sale as a very limited edition. Only 88 will be sold worldwide at that seven-figure price tag.

concept one car

The Concept_One’s core embraces the world’s highest power density motor system to power each of the Concept_One’s four wheels individually. Instant response, more than 90% efficiency, full torque at zero speed, wide power-band and limitless lifetime are some of the advantages around which the Concept_One was designed from the ground-up.

It wasn’t an easy road. Rimac took five years to create the production-ready Concept_One, following an initial reveal in 2011 with four ground-up redesigns. Practically everything on the car was conceived, developed, and manufactured by Rimac in-house. From the tools that were used to create The Concept_One to the Supercar itself, every single detail was paid the attention it needed in order to represent Mate Rimac’s vision at its best.

The ambitious goal they set themselves was to produce as much as possible in-house. Thousands of metal, electric and carbon fibre parts have to be manufactured, assembled and tested for each Concept_One. Even the tools, jigs and moulds are designed and produced by Rimac Automobili. Most of the parts start their lives as aluminum blocks or raw bare carbon fabrics which don’t leave the Rimac facilities in Sveta Nedelja before they are assembled into cars.


The bodywork’s aerodynamics follow the simple rules of balanced efficiency. The Concept_One’s timeless design features elegant and emotional lines that are not just beautiful, but also functional. Each surface and air intake serves a delicately harmonious purpose – performance and efficiency

Sitting behind The Concept_One’s steering wheel is an experience taken from the future and brought into the 21st Century. An experience that just a selected few will get to live.

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