Vanichi takes a look at the DUFL virtual personal valet and premium travel service that helps you never pack again.

When your presence and business savvy is in demand, travel usually comes with the territory. In today’s business climate, you can find yourself in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and back to LA again in less than 48 hours. You can try to pack your bags and squeeze in various clothes for different climates and occasions. But that gets heavy after a point. This is where the DUFL virtual personal valet aims to help. Designed as a premium travel service, DUFL ships, cleans and stores your business attire. They hope this will help you never pack again.


The service stores your clothes in personal closet. You download the app and when you’re ready to travel, you “pack” your selected clothes and dictate the destination where the bag should meet you. Since you don’t have the luggage with you, you’ll breeze through airport security. There’s no worrying about checking bags or trying to find a spot in overhead storage. When you’re done, DUFL will then professionally clean your clothes and restore them. You don’t have to spend your time packing, cleaning or traveling with your closet. Once your trip concludes, DUFL will bill the credit card you have on file.

Pricing begins at US $9.95 per month for the virtual closet and US $99 for a standard round trip. Overnight shipping is available at an additional US $49 each way.


1. International DUFL service outside of the US is available in select destinations. You must contact them for quotes.

2. Your DUFL suitcase is free as long as you are a DUFL customer and you return the bag within 30 days.

3. The DUFL suitcase will arrive via FedEx to your hotel or destination accommodations. So, it’s best to make sure the name on your room matches the name on your DUFL account so that the hotel won’t reject your package.

4. If you live outside of the US but travel to the states frequently and want to store a DUFL closet in the America, you have to wait until you are physically present in the US to start your account. The service will send a welcome kit to your hotel room so you can get started.

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