SenCbuds earphones pause music for you and understand your lifestyle.

As our lifestyle evolves, it just makes sense that the devices to go with it should as well. That’s why inventor Dhaval Tanna, a startup-founder and software engineer from New Zealand, along with his team have developed SenCbuds: the first earphones that can automatically detect when to pause your music. That’s right. SenCbuds earphones pause music for you.


The inspiration came from the way we live. During any daily activity, someone or something can require our full attention. Think about how many times someone needs to talk to you throughout the day.

While listening to a podcast, for instance, we will naturally take out our earphones for the conversation. Yet once the interruption is over, the podcast may have progressed to a completely different part. It can be quite an annoyance to go back and try to find the exact place where we left off. That’s when the idea for SenCbuds was born – earphones that pause what you are listening to once you take them out of your ears! Be it at work, in the gym, outdoors, traveling or during any other activity, SenCbuds recognize when they are taken out of your ear and pause music, movies, podcasts, or whatever media you are listening to accordingly.

SenCbuds unique functionality is powered by motion-sensitive, patent pending Smart Sense Technology (SST) located inside the earbuds. This allows SenCbuds to instantly pause music, podcasts or movies when taken out of the ear and to restart when they are put back in. Compatible with iOS and Android, SenCbuds turn out to be extremely useful during workouts, while working in an open office space, traveling, and many other day-to-day situations.


Besides the main attribute, SenCbuds have other convenient features. A management system to avoid tangled cables is included, a built in microphone, a USB rechargeable battery that lasts up to 17 days in one charge, and buttons that you can use to control your music and accept calls manually in case the battery runs out. SenCbuds Plus are also equipped with a gold plated audio jack, a do-not-disturb light and noise isolation through memory foam earbuds. There is currently an Indiegogo campaign to collect pre-orders for SenCbuds.


It’s no wonder that SenCbuds has received an iF DESIGN AWARD 2016. Despite the number of competitors for the coveted award being huge: the high-profile jury assessed more than 5,000 entries from 53 countries in order to determine who would receive the award. SenCbuds won the award in the Headphones category.

With commodity and practicality in mind, SenCbuds earphones pause for you and start right back up along with you. SenCbuds come as a solution that proves that the daily activities of a quick-paced lifestyle can be made simple thanks to the ever-evolving technology.