Tech | InCharge: The Smallest Phone Charger on the Market

Two brothers from Italy, Lorenzo and Carlo Ferraris, are attempting to solve a tech problem that we face on a daily basis: phone batteries dying. “We spend 70% of our day near a USB-port,” Lorenzo explained in an online video—a statistic that is both surprising and not. With InCharge, these are moments that we could be charging our phones.

Photo Courtesy InCharge

Photo Courtesy InCharge


The main selling point of InCharge is convenience. The charger is only 1.5″ long, which allows InCharge to easily fit in your pocket or purse—something that isn’t possible with most other cumbersome chargers. It magnetically connects to itself, so you can attach it to your keychain and easily removed it when you’re ready to use it. InCharge is also equipped for lightning charger or mini-USB, so it’s compatible with iPhones and Android phones. Oh, and it comes it eight colors.

Photo Courtesy InCharge

The brothers started an Indiegogo campaign back in December with the hope of raising $20,000 to fund the product, but the campaign has far exceeded that goal, raising nearly $300,000. Even if demand has proven greater than anticipated for the product, the brothers still intend to sell it at a modest cost—”a tiny product at a tiny price,” says Lorenzo. You can pre-order an InCharge by contributing $9 to their Indigogo campaign—a small price to pay for not having to worry about your phone dying on a daily basis!
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