The TAP STRAP Wearable Keyboard Lets You Type on Any Surface.

Many of us dream of the day when all our devices are heads-up. No more typing with our thumbs and craning our neck downs toward a cellphone. No more hours spent with two hands dedicated to a QWERTY keyboard attached to a laptop. Before the end of the year, that dream might be closer to reality. The forthcoming Tap Strap is a keyboard composed of soft, flexible smart-textiles that slides over your fingers and understands their movements. This wearable keyboard lets you type on any surface by tapping your fingers. And that promise is literally any surface: a table, a chair, the top of your own head, etc.

wearable keyboard lets you type

The Tap Strap promises to let you text, type, tweet and so on without disturbing those closest to you or creating extreme distraction. You sync the strap to your smartphone, smartwatch, computer or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Each tap of your fingers corresponds to a different command or letter on your device. Users can get acquainted with the technique through the company’s TapGenius App.

According to Tap Strap’s press release:

“Tap also provides a unique solution for blind and low vision users, who can now communicate on mobile devices with the speed and ease of sighted users.  Tapping can be done with fingers touching anything – without the need for on-screen keyboards which can be cumbersome for those who use Voiceover and other text-to-speech features.”

Discover more about how this wearable keyboard lets you type on any surface by pressing play on the video below:


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