Even your cell choices can reflect your personality. What does your smartphone say about you?


Whether it happens consciously or not, there are perceptions and judgments made about someone when they pull their cell phone from their pocket or handbag. In a blink of an eye you have placed someone in a little perceived box that didn’t exist before. There is a reason why.

There have been a number of studies done on personality types, social economic status and the correlation with what phone users have in common in other areas of life. It should come as no surprise that those who choose the same phone also like similar things outside of their cell phone preferences. So, what does your cell phone say about you?

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More often than not, when someone pulls a flip phone or “brick phone” from their pocket you will see jaws drop. Although BlackBerrys and early-generation Nokias have elements that still place them in the smartphone category, it is rare to see someone using one these days. U.K. company TalkTalk Mobile conducted a survey of Apple, Android and BlackBerry users asking about their lifestyles. The survey found that BlackBerry users made more money and typically worked in the finance, property and healthcare industries. It also reported that they drink more caffeinated beverages and have more long-term relationships than iPhone and Android users. On the other hand, a survey by uSell.com found that the majority of respondents said that people who use an older phone seem frugal and not tech savvy. Some believe a phone that is 10 years old or older typically represents a person who enjoys simplicity. It shows to those around them that technology is not of the highest importance to them, and they likely spend their money on experiences rather than things.


Androids are today’s most used operating systems for cell phones, and account for over 80 percent of the operating systems for smartphones on Earth, Digital Trends reports. Androids are usually a favorite among millennials and the tech-savvy crowd. A study done by venture capital firm Battery Ventures found that Android fans are more likely to be smokers or tobacco users, like beer over wine, eat fast food and use public transportation. The study also found that Android users are more religious than their iPhone counterparts and tend to work blue collar jobs.


iPhone users are more likely to care about social status, a study by the University of Lincoln’s School of Psychology found. When you see someone whip out a new iPhone 7 smartphone, the mission is easily accomplished as it announces to those around them that they are up to date with the times and the newest offerings by the world’s leading technology company, Apple. Another study done by a Australian telecommunications company Telstra found that iPhone users are mostly extroverts who enjoy the freedom to travel, play sports, spend their money on the finer things in life, but like to entertain in their own home, as opposed to going out. Studies show, when you bring out your iPhone you may be letting the world know that you enjoy the ease of your phone being user friendly and that you enjoy living it up.



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