SUR By Bar Esquina Honors Los Cabos Food Culture

During our trip with #sheratongrandtour exploring the beauty of Los Cabos, we were introduced to SUR By Bar Esquina. Located in a primo spot along Medano Beach and overlooking the Sea of Cortez, the airy Beach House that is SUR restaurant is part of The Bahia Hotel and Bar Esquina experience. Helmed by Chef Andrés Bracamontes, SUR By Bar Esquina presents a casual, chic dining experience that draws from Mexico’s rich gastronomical and combines it with world influences from Asia, Peru and beyond that enhance the entirety of their vision.

sur cabo(3)

The restaurant is also divine. Open to the sea breeze, diners can step down submerge their toes in the sand while lounging in deep blue fabric and teak beach chairs. Since you’re located at the most swimmable shoreline along Cabo San Lucas, a dip before dinner is also easily achieved.

sur by bar esquina peruvian dish

Hamachi serves at SUR by Bar Esquina. The dish is a heady blend flavors from Asia and Perú and the freshest ingredients of the Baja Peninsula.

We sat down with Chef Andrés to discuss the philosophy of SUR By Bar Esquina and how it honors and expands Los Cabos food culture.

Vanichi.     How does your culture influence your cuisine?

Chef Andrés: Mexican culture is the foundation of my cooking. It represents my roots and has informed my palate. But you also see in my food inspiration from the trips and the countries I’ve been fortunate to visit and to work in.

Vanichi.     How does SUR tap into the current food culture of Cabos?

Chef Andrés: What we aim to do at SUR is offer something fresh, relaxed, and geared for our guests. We want to be different but with a cuisine that is sincere and unpretentious.

sur cabo

LEFT: an innovative cocktail using Old World spices, Latin American flowers and Mexican spirits. RIGHT: Tuna Takaki

sur cabo(1)

LEFT: Matcha Creme Brulee with fresh berries and mint. RIGHT: a spicy cocktail mixed fresh at the bar.

Vanichi.     What makes Cabos food culture unique?

Chef Andrés: The cultural diversity, the fact that we have people from all over the world—this has made Cabo a gastronomically rich place.

sur cabo(4)

Our picture perfect view of Medano Beach from the dining deck at SUR.

Vanichi.     How is SUR redefining cuisine and the global culinary conversation? 

Chef Andrés: We’re offering a new type of food in Cabo, on the state’s most famous beach. We offer a sincere cuisine that’s for everybody and to share, with flavors that both bring memories and help create new ones.

Vanichi.     What gets you most excited about what you do? 

Chef Andrés: Sharing. Getting to see how the final product (a plate) can make people feel happy and to demonstrate to my chefs the passion that’s led us to choose this lifestyle. 


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