3 Ways AWPxBABOR Campaign Expands Beauty Ideals

There’s a lot of talk about inclusion  and expanding the narrative of women in media, but real change requires walking the talk. The campaign and collaboration between All Woman Project and luxury skincare brand Babor (AWPxBabor) catches our attention for how it’s shifting the idea of beauty ideals. This is Babor’s first North American collaboration and they’ve chosen a nonprofit aimed at inclusion and positivity as its partner.

All Woman Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping girls and women worldwide feel positive, empowered, and confident about themselves regardless of age, shape, or race. BABOR is supporting the initiative with a limited-edition AWPxBABOR Beauty Ampoule Set, accompanied with a creative awareness campaign. The All Woman Project x BABOR collaboration celebrates the beauty of diversity while raising awareness and funds for empowerment initiatives. BABOR will donate 50% of sales from the collaborative Beauty Ampoule Set to The All Woman Project.

There is no single definition of beauty. Every one define it for themselves in their own skin. Here are 3 Ways AWPxBABOR Campaign Expands Beauty Ideals.


Even though Babor is a European beauty brand, this inclusive campaign features women of different ages, races, sizes and skin types. This is a completely different direction from the conservative imagery that has been commonplace for many of their counterparts.

The diverse cast of “all women” includes AWP co-founders Charli Howard and Clementine Desseaux; model, activist, and mother Denise Bidot; Lauren Chan, editor and former model; Nykhor-Nyakueinyang Paul, international activist and model; Becca Thorpe, vice president of Muse Models and director of Muse Curve; 57-year old model Nicola Griffin, who also recently made history as the oldest model to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue; and Sharon Lombardo, creative director at Anne Klein.


The campaign showcases these beautiful women in their unretouched glory. Neither their faces nor their bodies have been photoshopped. In a current climate where hardly any selfie on Instagram hasn’t been tweaked, honoring women’s natural beauty is practically an act of rebellion. Retouched has become our normal.

“Putting not only our imperfect, unretouched faces on their packaging but also our natural bodies, shows how far they are willing to go in representing all women.” states All Woman Project co-founder Clementine Desseaux.


Inclusion and natural beauty are part of a broader conversation about our collective mentality and personal sense of well-being. The campaign exudes an idea that beauty is deeper than skincare. Taking care of your skin and loving your skin is part of your self-care.

“How we see ourselves can often serve as the foundation for how we think, act and feel,” says Mark Wuttke, President and COO, BABOR North America. “This healthy form of self-love always manifests itself and provides an ideal environment of wellness.”

THE Beauty Ampoule SET INCLUDES:

For Dry Skin. An active concentrate for dry, dehydrated skin. Skin feels refreshed and thoroughly hydrated. A complex containing hyaluronic acid and a plant-based moisturizer help supply intensive hydration. Leaves the skin feeling hydrated and more supple.
An active nighttime concentrate for skin in need of rejuvenation. Use before bed, this ampoule is formulated with salix nigra bark, extracts of algae, and black truffle to work effectively during the deep-sleep phase to help promote a more rejuvenated appearance while counteracting visible signs of aging.