achi Launches Strawberry Scented Nail Polish

“It’s about luxury,” confirms Valerie DelaRosa Anderson, aka Lola V, as she shared her motivation for launching House of achi. The new premium beauty brand launched last week with a preview party hosted by Kandee Johnson at LA’s Doheny Room. Among the products to preview was achi’s strawberry scented gel nail polish. Vanichi was on the scene to discover more about the collection.

The new achi nail polish uses a formaldehyde-free formula which yields exceptionally pigmented color, thus reducing the need for multiple applications to achieve the desired depth of color. The cruelty-free gel polish is made in Japan with 45 colors being offered in the collection.

Lola continues, “I own nail salons and felt their weren’t enough products out there that are 5-free and beautifully packaged. I wanted to create something beautiful inside and out.”

When asked what motivated the sweet, strawberry scent inspired by vintage perfumes, Lola explains, “I don’t like the acrylic or gel smell for the nail polish. I feel like it’s so unhealthy. I wanted to create something that minimizes the smell.”

Creating a scented polish using a natural fragrance took months of perfecting, “the amount of oil to use without affecting the adhesion and pigmentation was quite the challenge.”
In addition to scented gel polishes, achi is launching a single finger curing lamp which has LED lighting for user-friendly gel application. This Unique curing lamp sets gel polish in place so it will last up to three weeks. The product will be sold individually and in package sets. achi is also launching a line of premium yellow and rose gold plated tweezers.

The process of bringing this product to market has given Lola insight into herself. “I realized that I care a lot of the women who get their nails done. Everything from start to finish, I thought about my clients and what’s healthy for them.”

The light berry perfume that emits from the polish can last for up to two weeks depending on how much you daily wear and tear your hands go through.

“I want women who use my products to feel pampered, beautiful and luxurious.” the House of achi founder concludes. Discover more about her mission at achi’s website.