Vanichi beauty profiles Nicoleta Barbarasa and luxury eyebrows

It is hard to believe in our very recent past eyebrows were just eyebrows. Men and women roamed the streets without so much as a thought to this very distinctive feature. For the most part, brows were inconsequential.

Unless of course you frequented Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills has become the capital of beautiful brows. For the past 25+ years you could find a brow specialist to sculpt, trim and beautify brows in many salons and makeup studios. By all accounts, this mecca of luxurious beauty was ahead of the game. But, not all are equal. One luminary amongst the brow elite is Nicoleta Barbarasa. We met Nicoleta at her current location, Brighton Salon in the heart of Beverly Hills. Nicoleta’s warm smile greeted us as we walked in and, her confidence immediately put us at ease. With a very gentle touch our pain free brow shaping was actually enjoyable. Nicoleta’s very skilled hands have groomed the Hollywood elite as well as a dedicated following for twenty years.

nicoleta barbarasa brighton salon vanichi

nicoleta barbarasa luxury brows vanichiUpon our finished service we were awed at Nicoleta’s precision and eye for symmetry. Our brows emerged looking full, arched and in perfect balance. It is easy to see why Nicoleta’s clientele includes some of Hollywood’s most fashionable and beautiful such as Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and Kristen Cavalarri.

Nicoleta is certainly a beauty influencer and one to watch.  The Vanichi beauty team brows are now safely in her hands.

Location: Brighton Salon

9409 Brighton Way

Beverly Hills 90210

Cost:        $125.

nicoleta barbarasa vanichi beauty feature