Bella Thorne on beauty and the debut Wildfox fragrance

The flagship store in West Hollywood was an energetic, lush landscape with blooming arrangements from Flour LA and musical pulse provided by DJ Storm. Upon entering, our wrists were decorated with delicate floral bracelets that had been misted with the brand’s Eau de Parfum. Guests were treated to apricot honey and champagne snow cones, photo ops with Casper the Cockatoo, and a claw machine filled with Wildfox loot. Most importantly, each visitor experienced the scent of Wildfox’s debut fragrance, an adventurous musk with hints of honeysuckle, apricot, and jasmine. The event was hosted by actress Bella Thorne, who stunned in the brand’s Hotel Stripe Atlantis Wrap Dress. Vanichi was delighted to be offered a one-on-one interview with Bella, where she gave us the inside scoop on her beauty routine and devotion to Wildfox.

bella thorne wildfox fragrance beauty

Vanichi: What makes you feel beautiful?

Bella Thorne: The smell of fresh flowers in the morning. Wearing no makeup and having the sun shining on my face while I’m lying on the beach and my hair is wet and sandy. That, I think, is really beautiful because it’s pretty much when you’re most natural.

V: Tell us about your beauty routine.

BT: I go home, I’m always so lazy that I don’t want to take off my makeup, I lay on my pillow and I hear this crinkle from the makeup wipes that I put under my pillow to remind me to wash my face. So I take it off using oil-free acne wipes that I get from Neutrogena. They’re really moisturizing, which is important. And one of the best tips I’ve heard is how to wash your face. People wash with the makeup still on and you can’t do that because the circular motion causes you to rub the makeup deeper & deeper into your pores. So you take it off and then go about your normal routine, which I do using a grapefruit wash from Neutrogena. It smells good and makes me feel clean and fresh. Then I use my oil free moisturizer and that’s it!

V: Why Wildfox?

BT: I love their clothes and I’ve been wearing them for such a long time. A really important thing about clothing is the fabric because it can be stiff, crunchy, and it might not fall right on your body. But this? (Motions to the pink striped dress that she is wearing from Wildfox) This is so soft and somehow falls right on every curve. It just makes every curve look better.

V: What’s your favorite thing about the fragrance?

BT: Smelling it brings me to think about my friends and I at night, watching horror movies, eating chocolate and being bad. (Laughs) That’s really why I like it. It also makes me feel whimsical, magical, and not rebellious… but free. And I smell good!

bella thorne wildfox fragrance