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Creating intensely hydrated skin has never been so accessible. Women and men whose skin care regimen focuses on hydration definitely have a youthful and healthy glow that is both desirable and attainable.


To achieve that glow everyone is after, think of moisturizer as something you see. Finding the right moisturizer is key of course. What you may not realize is how important the application is. Always apply moisturizer to freshly washed skin. For added hydration use a skin mist prior to applying any lotion or cream. This will prep skin’s surface to absorb the product. Gently massaging moisturizer onto skin, leave some excess over your skin’s surface.  Waiting a few minutes while the skin has the opportunity to absorb as much of the product as it can, gently smooth out the remainder of the moisturizer. You will be amazed how much more hydrated your skin is throughout the day.

Today’s skin care market is vast. We have tried and tested the best. Moisturizer is the center piece of any skin care regimen. Our standouts make the cut because they are both highly effective and attainable.

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Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

The 25 year old company has a long line of high quality, high performing products developed by two generations of doctors. The Hydo-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture is a silky cream that glides onto the skin leaving a light yet richly supple texture. The moisture lasts all day. We loved how easy foundation blended over it.

After just a few days of use, we saw brighter smoother skin. Recommended for normal to dry skin. This is definitely a keeper.

Embryolisse Baume Riche

Labeled as an Artists Secret, Embryolisse skin care can be found in the makeup kits of celebrity and fashion makeup artists all over the world. This cult favorite has stood the test of time. Embryolisse has been a highly regarded gentle skin care line for sixty years. We instantly fell in love with Baume Riche.

This luxuriously rich cream drenches dry skin with emollients such as shea butter, olive extract and white bees wax. The immediate drenching is hypnotic and addictive. Our skin has never felt so soft and supple. This is an exceptional cream for dry dehydrated skin’s daily use or for a moisture treatment.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

This stand out product line is the brain child of beauty entrepreneur Emily Weiss, creator of Into The Gloss. Glossier is a brand spanking new line focusing on skin and it’s name sake glossiness. We love how the Priming Moisturizer is build-able, creating a smooth even surface, acting as a primer. By applying multiple thin layers, skin plumps.

The hydration creates younger vibrant skin. This product is excellent for normal to oily skin or layered over a richer cream for dry skin. Although being the new kid on the block, Glossier is holding it’s own in the “must have” category of moisturizers.