Vanichi asks 3 top beauty experts to

pick their favorite luxe lips.

Following makeup company trends is like running after the ice cream truck as a kid! This past season has kept us licking our lips. Our favorite tried and true brands have not disappointed. We have seen the luxury of lipstick return with a blood red vengeance. Super stars like Tom Ford Beauty have made luxe lips a must have in every true makeup enthusiasts arsenal. Earlier, Tom Ford released a massive 50 piece color collection Lips and Boys. Some of us felt the urge to own them ALL (you know who you are)!

Other luxe lip lines weren’t far behind. Lipstick is more than a bullet shaped wax tube. Burberry Beauty tubes all have signature plaid carved into each color, lest you forget who you are putting on. Monograms aren’t for towels anymore. While perusing the glossy aisles of Neiman Marcus, you will be greeted by every shade with its own insignia of luxury. Branding has gone beyond packaging. And, we are loving it. What better way to remind us how much we love our lip color than to make it a beautiful accessory to our everyday. A little bit of opulent pampering during our mundane. Suddenly, every time we pull out our sleek magnetic cases becomes an occasion to enjoy the small luxuries in life.

I asked top fashion and celebrity makeup artists to share their favorite luxe lips :

Anastasia Durasova

The Wall Group NY

Pick: Marc Jacobs

“What I love about Marc Jacobs is the texture. It doesn’t dry out lips. It has an incredible amount of moisture so it goes on creamy and smooth. It has a wearability for all women with just enough pigment to be worthwhile but not overwhelming. My favorite color for this season is #281 Clara. This is the perfect universal bright color for making a statement without the obviousness of red.”

Kelly Hunt

Cloutier Remix LA

Pick: Tom Ford

“My favorite luxury lipstick has to be Tom Ford. It has some of the most exotic and luxe ingredients such as soja seed extract and Brazilian murumuru butter. The texture is amazingly creamy and nourishing, and the pigment is true. What you see is what you get. I don’t think purchasing a luxury lipstick is “silly” or “frivolous”. I think of it as a mini investment. My favorite shade right now by Tom Ford is a color called Spanish Pink. A client just introduced me to soft pink shade and I fell in love! It is so chic and makes a statement with being loud.”

Adam Fleischhauser

Naomi Campbell’s personal makeup artist

Pick: Kevyn Aucoin

“My favorite lipstick pick this season is Kevyn Aucoin Blood Roses.

I love it because of its versatility and it’s luxurious quality. It can be used many different ways even though it’s color is a deep bordeaux rose. First, you can use it straight from the tube for its deep true color. Second, you can blot it off for a light weight stain berry effect. Third, it layering gloss on top of it creates a patent leather shine. And lastly, you can use it as soft cheek color by slightly stippling it on the cheeks with your fingers.

Because you can you it do many different ways, to me you can really tell the magic and alchemy was really put into this lipstick by Kevyn himself… its just so unique. And you get to experience a little bit of Kevyn’s genius every time you use it.”

With all the choices available, there is definitely a luxurious match for everyone who wants that moment of bliss that a decadent tube of rich color gives. The current luxe lipstick in my bag is Burberry Beauty Kisses in Oxblood. It is the most delicately smooth formula I have ever tried with a matte finish. The color is that perfect cranberry that is a statement on everyone. I love the satisfying feeling of that substantial glossy metal packaging and the clean clasp of the magnet, insuring the security of that bliss in a tube.