Vanichi editors pick their favorite selections from Sabon bath products.

We’ve scrubbed, exfoliated, moisturized and lathered up to curate our list of fave Sabon bath products for summer 2016. Sabon is inspired by the healing properties of the Dead Sea and opened its first store in Tel Aviv in the mid-90’s. Now an international brand, it offers luxurious botanicals and ingredients at highly accessible price points. The scents are connected to nature and our personal favorite for is Delicate Jasmine and for him the Patchouli Citrus.




A Paraben and SLS free, decadently moisturizing liquid soap that helps maintain your natural pH levels. Ingredients include Olive, Avocado and Jojoba essential oils. The scent is light enough to wear with your favorite perfumes and lotions.




Formulated for all skin types, this scrub is enriched with Dead Sea Salt and natural oils including Vitamin E, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Borage Oil. The Dead Sea salt helps rid the skin of impurities while the granules gently exfoliate the skin for soft, silky and highly moisturized results. Again, the scent is light and can merge with what you add on top.



Gentleman, Patchouli Citrus


This shower scrub is a gentle soap based sugar scrub that helps maintain skin’s moisture and radiance. Bonus: the citrus notes will provide a little perk up.