Celebrity fashion designer Sue Wong has officially launched her online boutique and a new eponymous Eau de Parfum. The SUE WONG Eau de Parfum sensually combines woody and warm notes with floral and citrus scents that align perfectly with Wong’s philosophy on femininity. “I like to empower women through beauty,” the world renowned designer shares. “This fragrance is befitting for a true Goddess, or for any woman who wants to connect with her Feminine Divine. Beauty is a powerful healing agent and is synonymous with my mantra, Beauty, Magic, Transformation.”

sue wong eau de parfum

She spent a year developing the scent and also designed the sleek Art Deco 1920’s packaging, including the black glass bottle that almost emits a volcanic rock quality. Inside that bottle, the perfume is tangy grapefruit, pink pepper and freesia dancing with sambac jasmine, powdery orris and luscious peach. It becomes an even more complex journey as hints of amber and hypnotic vanilla complete this exotic fragrance.