Behind the Scenes of Sublime Eyes x Vanichi Bold Beauty Event


Vanichi takes you behind the scenes of our Sublime Eyes x Vanichi Bold Beauty event. If eyes are the window to the soul, then Sublime Eyes beauty salon is your first class ticket to Nirvana. Sublime Eyes is about the celebration of beauty, in all of its diverse forms. Founder Angel Cisneros has worked his eyebrow guru on clients who dazzle the likes of Hollywood and beyond.

On Tuesday June 21, Sublime Eyes x Vanichi partnered for an event titled Bold Beauty in celebration of beauty in all forms of it’s diversity. The night was curated by Vanichi’s Creative Director, Jordan Swain, and offered a guest list of beauty influencers and taste-makers.

Swain quotes, “Diversity is the foundation of life. It is from diversity  that we are able to appreciate the unique characteristics that make us who were are as individual beings having a human experience. There is beauty in that and Vanichi Magazine is about celebrating that beauty and amplifying the message of positive self image. We want women and men to honor themselves by honoring who they are from the inside out.”

Guests enjoyed sangria, tapas, and soothing sounds while experiencing the innovative work of Angel and his team of beauty artists. Starting with the magic that is microblading, Angel’s break out session broke down all the hype, best practises, and had live models to demonstrate before and after results. Also called eyebrow embroidery, microblading is an emerging manual method of semi-permanent makeup as compared to the traditional hairstroke technique which is replacing eyebrow tattooing altogether.

Next, Sublime Eyes beauty artists Denise, Noelle and Herman offered threading services to female and male guests. The men’s grooming demonstration was received with much anticipation, especially as American men are becoming more conscious of the elevating standards in grooming and expression of style.

The house esthetician and facialist, Nina Giovanatti of NinaFACE offered 24k Gold facials and energy healing to guests and shared her expertise on the work facials play- beyond the physical, and into the emotional and spiritual elements. Whether offering energy facials, or micro-current facials where she faces small amounts of electricity through the face to break fat and cholesterol concentrations, interact with lipids and remove build ups that can leave our faces dry, irritated, and off-balance.

Nina explains, “The work that our team of beauty artists is doing is truly transformative. Everyone is so skilled in their areas of expertise and we are all unified by Angel’s vision of inclusive beauty for all. When a client comes to Sublime Eyes, whether for a threading, eyelash extensions, microblading, we are very keen to focus on naturally enhancing what is already present. It’s easy to transform someone into something they’re not. It takes an artist to recognize the beauty that is inherently there and to add elements that accentuate.”

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Scroll below to see from photos from Sublime Eyes x Vanichi BOLD Beauty event.

Angel Cisneros Sublime Eyes x Vanichi

Vanichi Sublime Eyes Bold Beauty Event

Sublime Eyes Beauty Event Hollywood

Sublime Eyes X Vanichi Present: Bold Beauty

Joy Donnell, Jordan Swain Sublime Eyes

Left is Lonnie Gardner

Sublime Eyes Mens Grooming Bold Beauty Event

Bold Beauty guest after his mens grooming threading demonstration

Sublime Eyes Vanichi Bold Beauty Event

Beautiful guests enjoying Sublime Eyes giveaways

Sublime Eyes x Vanichi Celisse Graves

Actress, Model Celisse Graves poses with Sublime Eyes beauty Rose Water

Sublime Eyes x Vanichi Joy Donnell

Joy Donnell, Syretta Butler at Vanichi x Sublime Eyes Bold Beauty Event

Sublime Eyes Angel Cisneros Micrblading, Eyelash Extensions

Angel Cisneros poses with two beautiful Bold Beauty guests.

Mens Grooming Sublime Eyes Jordan Swain Angel cisneros

Joy Donnell Event,  Vanichi Sublime Eyes

Joy Donnell Sublime Eyes Vanichi Event Vanichi Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Joy Donnell interviews for press

Sublime Eyes Denise Angel microblading threading

Sublime Eyes beauty artist Denise Wilson poses at Bold Beauty event