5 Quotes That Will Inspire Your Individuality

All of us are born unique and we each possess unique style. Yet, expressing it to the fullest isn’t always easy. Trends and popular products can make some aspects of life shockingly homogeneous. For those who revel in expressing their creativity and individual tastes through their sense of style, here are 5 Quotes That Will Inspire Your Individuality. We drew inspo from fashion icons, cartoonists, and writers who have shown how to accentuate, and capitalize on, what makes them uniquely them.

5 Quotes That Will Inspire Your Individuality“When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.” – IRIS APFEL

The “Rare Bird of Fashion”, Iris Apfel, is lauded for her unconventional, layered style. The 94-year old style icon is the perfect bridge of interior design and fashion. She began growing her clothing and accessories collection as she was traveling the world for her company, Old World Weavers. In 2005, her exhibit at The Met became one of the most successful exhibits the museum had ever had.

5 Fashion Quotes That Will Inspire Your Individuality“I don’t like crap. I like craftsmanship with a little room for fantasy.” – ISABELLA BLOW

Isabella Blow was an English magazine editor credited with discovering Alexander McQueen. She also discovered model Sophie Dahl and was the muse for hat designer Philip Treacy. In fact, she was known for turning hats into an experience. Although she may not have been fully appreciated by the fashion industry during her lifetime, there is a current exhibit in Sydney’s Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences that celebrates the aristocrat’s fashionable life.

Quotes That Will Inspire Your Individuality“Luxury means you show the way you dress with eccentricity. It’s almost like a new kind of jet set – instead of roaming around the world, you’re roaming with your clothes.” – ALESSANDRO MICHELE

When Alessandro Michele became Creative Director of Gucci, the industry was buzzing. When the previous Creative Director, Frida Giannini, exited the label in December 2014, Michele had to turn the Autumn/Winter 2015 menswear show around in one week. He revealed an androgynous, critically-acclaimed collection that has now become a theme for the heritage brand. He seems to draw inspiration from all corners of the world and various time periods, as if jet setting while time-traveling.

Quotes That Will Inspire Your Individuality“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – SCOTT ADAMS

As a cartoonist and satirist, Scott Adams is widely known for creating the Dilbert comic strip. The title character works in a white-collar, micromanaged office space as an engineer. He often endures skewed business ethnics, unrealistic and sadistic management and incompetent corporate bureaucracy. Recently, Adams has started sharing what he knows about the powers of persuasion.

accept nothing less than passion“Accept nothing less than passion and perfection and a life worthy of being storied.” – CHARLES WARNKE

Although this quote comes a piece entitled, “You Should Date an Illiterate Girl,” the prose isn’t what its title suggests. Warnke details a woman who demands storytelling from her life, a life filled with rich narratives, a colorful cast and bold typeface. “Accept nothing less passion” is actually Vanichi‘s mantra because we prefer to surround ourselves only with what is thrilling.

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