Silver pieces that pack well. Ammanii Jewelry Jet Set Fashion Pick by Vanichi Editors.

While visiting the EcoLuxe Emmy Lounge coordinated by Debbie Durkin and Durkin Entertainment Group, we discovered Ammanii, a jewelry line co-founded by Amany Shaker. The brand seeks to not only create beautiful pieces for women, but to also expand human understanding. The brand hopes that the women who purchase their pieces will start to have a better understanding of a different culture. Case in point is the Timeless Heritage collection. Drawing from ancient Bedouin culture and combining it with modernity,  Ammanii’s Timeless Heritage collection merges the best of both worlds. Most pieces are composed of zinc overlaid with silverplate and lightweight but provide just the right level of detail. Scroll down to see our Ammanii Jewelry Jet Set Fashion Picks and discover more about the brand’s work in education.



US $45

Two circles forever intertwined, the ring embraces the circle as the symbol of life, unity, inclusion and eternity.

ammanii jewelry jet set


US $65

Inspired by Bedouin tent homes, or buyuuts, the Cheerful ring embodies ancient ideas warmth toward guests, who are treated with the highest levels of hospitality.


ammanii ring jetset fashion vanichi


Necklace US $140

Ring US $50

Aside from being a true statement piece, Divided Into Two symbolizes the moments where honoring tradition and carving your own path merge. The necklace also folds up into a convenient compact travel size that can easily find space in your luggage.

ammanii divided ring jetset vanichiammanii divided necklace jetset vanichi

Want to find out more about Ammanii’s efforts toward education for boys and girls in underserved communities? Read what the brand is doing in Cairo, Egypt with Tawasol here.

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