We love everything about the Ayuko Hishikawa Edgy Japan Collection 2017. It’s our latest Editors’ Pick.

GIFT GUIDE ALERT: If you’re looking for some bold new style to prepare you for the bold new year, the Ayuko Hishikawa Edgy Japan Collection 2017 will make you giddy. Handcrafted by milliner Ayuko Hishikawa, the artisan spends her time between New York and Tokyo. The collection plays with ideas of space, curve, line and defiance of gravity. Scroll down to see the glory of this collection from Hishikawa.

Pricing available upon request.

ayuko hishikawa kiku flower headpiece

From the 2017 Edgy Japan Collection, the KIKU Flower Headpiece by Ayuko Hishikawa.

Ayuko hishikawa origami kasa headpiece

The origami KASA head piece.

ayuko hishikawa OBI cockscomb headpiece

The OBI Cockscomb head piece.

ayuko hishikawa halo ring headpiece

The HALO Ring head piece.


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