Vanichi Contributor Sonya Washington curates 5 Best Fitness Wearables for Jetsetters.

Ready to take your workout to the next level? Forget your Fitbit and slip into these high-tech work out duds. We’ve  curated some of the best fitness wearables for jetsetters who need to stay healthy in any and every timezone. Not only do they keep track of your metrics while you work out they also help to wick away odor causing moisture, provide personalized training tips, and keep your bod at the optimal temperature. Wearable tech that you can actually wear? We dig it!


Numetrix Women’s Racer Tank: this tank boasts mega moisture wicking properties, a seamless, sexy fit for showing off those amazing curves, and a built in sensor for heart rate monitoring that is compatible with your cellphone.

Digitsole: These high tech insoles will keep your tootsies toasty on those early morning outdoor runs. Adjust them with just a few taps of your smart phone. They also track metrics like steps taken, calories burned, and elevation. The package comes complete with USB cord, blue tooth accessory, and AC adaptor. Available just in time for the holidays!

best fitness wearables for jetsetterschromat aeros sports bra intel

Aeros Sports Bra: Sweaty boobs got you down? No worries! The designers at Chromat teamed up with the tech geniuses at Intel to create a prototype for a sports bra that is as functional as it is fabulous. It reduces sweating through vents in the bra that open and close based on your body temperature. Crazy right? We got a sneak peek of this little beauty during its debut at New York Fashion week.

Lumos Men’s Running Shorts: These machine washable, light weight shorts are equipped with a sensor in the waist band that measures cadence, bounce, ground contact time, breaking, pelvic rotation, and stride length. Basically, they’re like a personal running coach. Bonus? They also have zipped side pockets and a waist band for coins, keys, and all those other little things you can’t live without. Available for pre-order only.

spartan boxers wearables vanichi

Spartan Boxers: We’ve seen lots of products designed to protect the family jewels of elite athletes. What makes these different? They have the same elegant design and comfortable feel of your favorite pair of Calvin’s but they also block 99% of Wi-Fi and cellular radiation (to protect fertility), are machine washable, have antibacterial properties to block odor causing germs. Pure silver fibers are weaved directly into the fabric acting as an electromagnetic shield. Available early next year. Pre-order only.