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Earlier this year, actress and model Celisse Graves co-starred in “Never Did I Ever,” a music video from SiR directed by Terrisha Kearse. Now, the camera has been turned on Celisse Graves style as she shares how she uses her personal style to accentuate her natural beauty and personality. Celisse also recently starred in another installment of SiR’s musical story called “My88“. Please scroll to the end of this Vanichi Style + Substance feature to view the music video along the lovely beaches of Baja California, Mexico.

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V: How do you define your personal style and use it to distinguish yourself?

C: My personal style is defined as inner-changeable.  The way my style distinguishes me is that it’s fun, vibrant, sensual and sophisticated. At the same time, I keep my look comfortable, classy and chic. All of these aspects are inside of me so my personal style is who I am.

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CELISSE GRAVES Style + Substance

V: Does your sense of style enhance other areas of your life? 
C: My sense of style enhances all areas of my life.  I like experimenting with uniqueness in different clothing.  Being comfortable with a long flowing skirt and a simple top brings out the hippy side of me throughout the day.  I like wearing chiffon to satin gowns or form fitting cocktail dresses that uplift my spirit to be more daring and bold for the evening.

V: How do you pick the items you wear?

C: Picking the items I wear comes natural to me.  I coordinate pieces according to how I feel each day.  What I look for are vibrant bold colors, solids, and prints.  I gravitate toward cotton and linen. I also look for skirts that accentuate the length and tone of my legs.

I also love wearing solid color leggings or denim for cooler weather.  Gowns made of satin materials are always fun. My accessories can range from delicate to substantial, cultural handmade pieces. All together, it creates a modern bohemian style, if you will.

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V: What are some of your favorite items in your wardrobe and how long have you had them?
C: Colorful bold tops, form to loose fitted bottoms, and straw hats.  One of my favorite items would be my New York biker leather jacket I had for years and still in amazing condition.
V: What is one of the most sentimental pieces you own?  Why is it so important to you?
C: The most sentimental piece would actually be a timepiece my brother gave to me on my 20th birthday. I will always send my gratitude my brother’s way for this beautiful gift.
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V: What have you learned about yourself as your sense of style has evolved over the years?
C: I have learned a lot about myself over the years that my sense of style has evolved from being in a comfortable style to a more sophisticated style. My younger years were more laid back cute tomboyish style wearing fitted tee shirts and jeans with trendy sneakers. I have very toned calves, so, now you will find me in stilettos that show them off along with gorgeous body conscious pieces that bring out my curves.  I like to stay playful, eco-smart, sophisticated and stylish in ways that my look can be changeable to my mood. That’s how it truly reflects me.
Scroll down to see the Celisse Graves co-starring the music video “My88” by SiR and directed by Terrisha Kearse (aTKvision).