Vanichi releases The Creative Jet Set issue cover for October 2015 photographed by Mike Nguyen.

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Vanichi’s October 2015 issue cover theme is The Creative Jet Set and is dedicated to the creatively global citizens who work and play on an international level. It features effortless style that transcends geography by maintaining an informed sense.
The cover image is part of an overall vision from photographer Mike Nguyen entitled, “Effortless American”. The full feature is coming soon to Vanichi. Meanwhile, stay up to date by following #vanichi and #creativejetset.
Scroll down to catch some behind the scenes action from the set of the shoot.

[divider]A NOTE FROM OUR EDITOR[/divider]

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The ability to live a creative life is a luxury. Need proof? Look at how many places in this world repress and oppress artistic expression. There are countries on our planet that jail poets, exile musicians, execute artists simply for expressing the voice of their people. It seems like a scene from a dystopian movie but instead it the result of dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. So, the pleasure of living a creative life on a global level deserves celebration.

Vanichi‘s CREATIVE JET SET issue highlights the lives of creatives who live, work and play as global citizens. These individuals seek to inspire and be inspired. They become one with the places they visit since, more than things, they value experience above all else. They appreciate beauty and find it almost everywhere: in chaos and order, in perfection and imbalance.

Creative jetsetters rock a sense of style that fits into every metropolis around the globe. This style fits because it is born from their unique expression of life. Their style is them and they are their sense of style, hence, it cannot be constrained or pigeonholed by geography.

As Dan Eldon famously stated,”The journey is the destination.” Cheers to the explorers.

Keep rising,

Joy Donnell

Editor-in-Chief, Vanichi



Vision: Mike Nguyen
Photographer: Mike Nguyen
Producer: Barbara Yniguez | Instagram @barbarawhodoesmakeup
Makeup Artist: Sparkle Tafao | Instagram @sparkletafao
Photographer Assistant: Viktor NL | Instagram @viktornl
Hairstylist: Angel Prado | Instagram @angelVprado
Fashion Stylist: Emmanuel Colon | Instagram @manejay
Fashion Stylist Assistant: Nyeaka Harrod | Instagram @nyelovesyou
Photo Retoucher: Mike Nguyen
Model: Taylor Howard @taylor_howard of LA Wilhelmina Models @wilhelmina_la
Suit: Camp Collection | Instagram + Twitter: @shopcamp
Lace maxi dress: Emily Daccarett | Instagram + Twitter: @emilydaccarett
Polkadot dress: Emily Daccarett | Instagram + Twitter: @emilydaccarett
Hat: Patricia Field | Instagram: @patricia_field + Twitter: @Pat_Field
Black coat: Six Crisp Days | Instagram: @sixcrispdays
White button up: WHICHKIM | Instagram + Twitter: @whichkim_official
Shorts: Emily Daccarett |  Instagram + Twitter: @emilydaccarett
Sheer shirt: Six Crisp Days | Instagram: @sixcrispdays
Bra: Michelle Hebert | Instagram: @michellehebertofficial + Twitter: @MHebertofficial
Necklace: Haati Chai | Instagram + Twitter: @haatichai
Jacket: WHICHKIM | Instagram + Twitter: @whichkim_official




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Behind the scenes of #VanichiLive and the cover shoot with Mike Nguyen and team. Photo by ViktorNL.

Behind the scenes of #VanichiLive and the cover shoot with Mike Nguyen and team. Photo by ViktorNL.

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