Vanichi picks Eleanor Bolton braided jewelry as its latest edition to curated style.

Vanichi editors love hand crafted limited pieces. The latest pick from our editors in Eleanor Bolton’s collection. Handmade in the artist’s London studio, most of her pieces play with the concept of texture. The pieces below are constructed from cotton and feature a fundamental braid that is then manipulated in shape, color or additional elements. They travel well, can be cleaned and won’t weigh you down. Scroll to discover our picks from Eleanor Bolton braided jewelry collection.


Cleopatra Necklace in Turquoise and Sandstone


Lagoon eleanor bolton braided jewelry

The Cleopatra Necklace is a cotton layered bib style necklace with hand stitched and yarn wrapped strands combined with gold plated brass details and finished with a simple clasp. 100% cotton that can be dry cleaned.



Sailor’s Plait Necklace



The Sailor’s Plait Necklace is an extremely lightweight, large scale, impact making piece. Part of her Paintbox collection, its 3 metres of Bolton’s signature cotton braid that is plaited and curved. It features gold plated findings and clasp.


Modern Coil Necklace x Modern Coil Bracelet

£230 for necklace, £140 for bracelet


The Modern Coil Necklace is another piece from the Paintbox collection. This time, 4 metres of the distinctive cotton braid is coiled and stitched. The piece is finished with 22ct gold plated findings and a marine clasp.


Bracelet comes in 2 options:


  • Length: 24cm
  • Diameter: 6cm
  • Coil Width: 2cm


  • Length: 27cm
  • Diameter: 7.5cm
  • Coil Width: 2cm




Paintbox Necklace – Turquoise, Sandstone, Ensign



The Paintbox Necklace is turquoise, sandstone and ensign is delicately wrapped cotton yarn over a cotton braid. The necklace easily wraps around the neck for a layered effect. It can also be worn as long piece. Either way, it closes with a magnetic clasp. Like all of Bolton’s pieces, it’s wonderfully lightweight.