Menswear expert and designer Janoffery Clark details tips for staying sartorial while traveling extensively.

Sometimes you go on a trip and then come back home. Other times, you the trip keeps going. You find yourself in 15 different cities over the course of 3 weeks. You might not be able to pack your entire closet but you can stay stylish in all time zones. Menswear expert and designer Janoffery Clark details tips for staying sartorial while traveling extensively. He also took some time to share with Vanichi his thoughts on modern luxury and the hottest menswear trends.

Janoffery Clark Staying Sartorial While Traveling

“I would define my personal style as a crossover mixing different genres of fashion while sticking to my own full self expression which is classic, refined edginess,” Janoffery Clark states. He is a modern gentleman in a time of modern luxury and he is aware that the current luxury consumer is changing. Many of the brands that were the pinnacle of elite status 10 years ago are considered too stodgy for some, akin to what one’s father preferred. He finds it excited that many are embracing new brands that might possess the long pedigree of more familiar brand names.  For Clark, modern luxury is embodied by, “clean lines, limited editions, and current style that offers a timeless aesthetic.”

“I look for tasteful and unique simplicity. The hand of the fabric and collaboration of fibers heighten my senses to observe further detailing. It’s all about the design process and not being in a box. I seek masculine shapes and tailoring that accentuate the body and take the fit to another realm of greatness.”

As a menswear designer and image consultant, Clark sees meaning in the details a designer choices and a wearer gravitates toward. “The thirst of a zipper moves me because the symbol of zipping and bringing things together excites me. When I see a button it symbolizes choice. You can wear it buttoned or not.”

The sartorialist also sees promise in some of today’s current trends. “This mixing of prints and, the use of tech fabrics to add a element to fashion design trends that didn’t exist before is exciting.  The use of natural fibers and unconventional sourcing to create a unique construction in the design process is needed in our world.”

With such keen insight into style and self-expression through fashion, we had to ask Janoffery Clark for some tips.

[divider]4 STYLISH TRAVEL TIPS[/divider]

Our readers travel A LOT. It’s not always easy to look polished on the go. Scroll below for Janoffery’s best tips on how to stay sartorial during extensive travel.

TIP 01 | Lighten Up

Pack light but effective. If you’re traveling extensively, you need pieces that make the right impact once unpacked. Thankfully, details like pocket squares, belts and watches pack well. Shoes need to look great but multi-task as much as possible.

TIP 02 | Know Thyself

The last thing anyone wants to be traveling with clothes that don’t make you feel great when you wear them. Stick to your own personal style and, if you don’t have one create one.

TIP 03 | Get Steamy

It’s one thing to have been traveling for 23 hours straight and it’s quite another to look like you’ve been traveling for 23 hours straight. Pack clothes in ways that wrinkles get minimized. One technique is the patterned army roll. Also invest in a quality personal travel steamer. A crisp shirt is always a clear sign of a gentleman.

TIP 04 | Basic Build

Make sure every basic you need is with you on your journey. Invest in quality basics such as great jacket, high quality denim, and you have the foundation for every look. Plus, if you have time to shop as you travel, you’ll probably find amazing pieces from local artisans. Feel free to add these items into your style along the way.


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