perkens vanichi


Occupation: Stylist

Loci: Los Angeles, CA

Instagram: @p__bienaime  Twitter: @perkensbienaime



“In my world, style begins where a person’s character, upbringing, beliefs, past experiences and interest interconnect. These make up the essence of that individual and reflects in their personal taste. I’ve been into fashion and experimenting with it since the age of 10. As a result, I’ve been able to evolve in ways that are more creative, confident and daring.

perkens on the steps

Stylist Perkens Bien Aime focuses on fit.

My style is very eclectic. I don’t like to follow any rules and I think confidence is the key ingredient to personal style. I don’t try to be different. I just stay true to who I am and I think that trait is perceived as unconventional.

I focus on proper fitting in my clothing so I visit my tailor very frequently. I also love to experiment with colors, specifically when accessorizing. These components also play factor into my wardrobe must-haves.


perkens tie lapel vanichi

Perkens shows that the details are in the details.

perkens olive vanichi

Some favorite items in my wardrobe are my navy blazer, my Levi’s denim and my brown double monk straps (which I’ve had for over a year). For me, a dark blazer, a great pair of denim and a nice pair of shoes are essential pieces to every man’s wardrobe.”


perkens shoes vanichi

Double monk strap shoes.