Vanichi Magazine covers PURPOSE with cover feature Maye Musk.

vanichi presents purpose maye musk

Vanichi Magazine covers PURPOSE with iconic model and cover feature Maye Musk. This issue explores motivations, convictions and trajectory of the human spirit. With Maye, purpose is both a noun and a verb. Many know her as the mother of the brilliant Elon Musk, the mastermind behind Tesla and Space X. Yet, with a career that stretches decades, Maye has insight into myriad aspects of life from motherhood to reinvention. Photographed by Asami Zenri with makeup by Vanichi’s own Barbara Yniguez, this editorial is a clean and powerful glimpse into a life that constantly moves forward.

We also chat with Geoffrey Kent, the founder of luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent, about his new book Safari and how to live a well-traveled life. Barbara Yniguez and Joy Wong present a gorgeous beauty editorial that utilizes the human form as a pure canvas. We also chat with West Hollywood-based BENJAMIN Salon. Scroll down for a letter from our editor, Joy Donnell.

[divider]LETTER FROM THE EDITOR[/divider]

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Photo by Lisa Donahue. #lisadonahuephotography

Many philosophers believe that what separates humans from animals is our ability to reason, or ask why. Few of us have lived without asking ourselves why we’re here and what we’re meant to do with our lives. Regardless of the conclusion we draw, the bottom line is that we all must decide our own direction. We can walk alone or join the herd. We can lead or we can follow. We can create as easily as we can destroy. We can dedicate ourselves to what fulfills us or what depletes us.

Vanichi’s PURPOSE issue explores what drives, inspires and guides us. Many stories you will uncover over the next few weeks through our website touch upon perseverance and determination. Some discuss choosing the fork that propels you toward the future or the path that keeps you tethered to the past.

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Photography | Asami Zenri

Makeup | Barbara Yniguez

Hair | Bethy Mireles

Fashion Styling | Jesse J

Producer | James Arnett

Location | Apex Photo Studio

Cover Layout | Edgar Meza


We work hard but we still make time for fun! Here’s a behind the scenes moment from our production day with model extraordinaire Maye Musk, #TeamVanichi and friends. Photos by Sussan Yeo.

Asami Zenri, Barbara Yniguez, Maye Musk, Joy Donnell, Bethy Mireles, James Arnett and Jesse J. Photo by Sussan Yeo.

Asami Zenri, Barbara Yniguez, Maye Musk, Joy Donnell, Bethy Mireles, James Arnett and Jesse J. Photo by Sussan Yeo.