Vanichi Covers SEDUCTION

Vanichi covers SEDUCTION with three magazine cover editorials from around the world: Paris, Amsterdam and Moscow. “Falling Doves” from French photographer Audrey Bieber is a magical exploration of transcendent sexuality, mythical beauty and fantasy. Liz van Campenhout’s “amsterdam” unfolds a mesmerizing story of fashion, the city and the allure a destination can have over us all. Hailing from Moscow, Syrian-born photographer Amer mohamad presents a bright, beachy cover feature entitled “Sunkiss” with model Dasha. Scroll below for team credits, a glimpse at the cover images and a letter from our Editor.

vanichi covers seduction coverfeature Seduction cover4 Seduction cover2

[divider]LETTER FROM THE EDITOR[/divider]

vanichi covers seduction joy donnellDesire begins in the mind and through our minds’ complex imaginings, our bodies gain cues for reactions. Desire births allure, intrigue and magnetism. It leaves us open to seduction. The act of being seduced by others can often be a seduction of ourselves. What each of us succumbs to is as unique as our fingerprints. Some are drawn to a city and dreams that a specific place embodies. Others are driven toward a lifestyle that promises fulfillment. Then there are those that abandon the outside world, seeking the seduction of an ineffable spiritual plane that can’t be touched with the senses. Seduction is beyond beauty, generosity, mystery, intelligence and elusiveness. As you explore our SEDUCTION issue online, feel free to explore your own desires. You might surprise yourself.



Joy Donnell


VANICHI Magazine



“Falling Doves”

Photographer | Audrey Bieber


Model | Raphael Say

Makeup | Dounia Loud

Art Director | Lukah Ditto

Clothing + Styling | Mimmo Carabetta

Instagram: @mimmojstb


Jewels | Sweet Arrogance

Instagram: @sweet.arrogance

Post prod | Arina Princess

*Special Thanks to Richard Alibert for the doves



Photographer  | Liz van Campenhout


Makeup | Joelle Romita . colourfool agency

Models | Marlies . Micha models + Demi . Fourteen models



Photographer | Amer mohamad

Instagram: @shootmeamer

Behance: @amermohamad


Model | Dasha

Instagram: @dariaelboom


Makeup | Angelika

Instagram: @angeliquuu


Clothing  | all looks by Rave store, Kallingrad