Vanichi Editors curate 5 hats to rock for SS16.

Talking about hats, this year we have a large array of options. In previous years, the styles on the catwalks were pretty much the same. But in 2016 things are looking quite different. Now, designers propose alternatives for all tastes, styles and moods. There’s something for everybody. In 2016 there’s no specific trend, which is a great opportunity to rock different styles and try new things. Don’t waste your time searching for the perfect style for this spring. Look at our selection of the top choice of hats for spring 2016.

Gucci Fashion Week Milan

Modern Beret Hat

Gucci proposes several options, but our favorite was the beret hat. They have that intellectual and artsy feeling, which is really necessary to get the librarian chic look that is so trendy right now.

Moschino hat Fashion Week

Pop statement hat

Moschino always presents shocking pieces with elements that are inspired by pop culture. They’re ironic or they simply look cool. Traffic signs were the starting point for the collection. If you literally want to stop traffic with your outfit: this is your kind of hat.

Armani Accessories Fashion Week

Modern beach hat

Armani creates a more modern and luxurious version of the classic straw hat. This hat has broad shade, vibrant stripes and transparencies. Any day at the beach will turn out perfect with a stylish hat like this.

Jil Sander Fashion Week

Luxurious farmer hat

Sometimes, fashion takes a simple object and transforms it into a statement and a truly unique piece. That’s exactly what Jil Sander did. They created hats that were inspired in the traditional farmer hat. They are simpler, lighter and definitely chic.

The printed dad hat

Chanel always creates pieces that instantly become objects of desire. No matter what it is, if it has a double C tag, you need to have it. The dad hats are a big trend for spring 2016. If you want to be the coolest in town, you need a Chanel dad hat.