Contributor Sonya Washington curates a Wearable Tech Wish List shopping guide for the tech junkie who has everything.

Looking for a way to spoil the tech junkie in your life this holiday season? Not sure where to start? Relax! We scoured the web to find the latest in high end wearable tech. This Wearable Tech Wish List provides a shopping guide for the tech junkie who has everything.

Here are a few of our faves:


pebble time round watch

Pebble Time Round Watch

This light weight, slender (7.5mm) time piece comes in three stylish finishes (silver, rose gold, and black) but won’t weigh you down. It also helps wearers keep in touch with friends and family using its call feature, tracks their sleep, and charges fully in 15 minutes so they never miss a beat.

apple watch hermes single tour cuff

Hermès Apple Watch

This beautifully crafted time piece comes in three styles ( the double tour, single tour, and the cuff) and is available in a variety of colors such as fauve, capucine, and noir. It couples the ease/utility of the classic apple watch with a discerning beauty and style that can only be offered by Hermes. Get yours today. Starting at US $1100.

tag heuer connected smartwatch

Tag Heuer Connected

This Android powered luxury Tag Heuer smartwatch sells for $1500. Made from lightweight titanium, the watch comes with a 2-year warranty. Once that warranty is up, you can exchange the wearable smartwatch for a less techy Tag Heuer valued at the same price.



Sensoria Fitness Gear

Socks that act like tiny personal trainers and monitor foot pressure, cadence, and also help you avoid harmful running styles might sound like something off the Jetson’s but the folks at Sensoria have made just that. Their personal running system comes with 2 pairs of socks, two anklets for tracking progress, one heart rate monitor, and one moisture wicking, antimicrobial, machine washable sports bra or tee shirt for only US $399.


Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

Silver fibers woven directly into this shirt keep track of key metrics like heart rate, breathing, calories burned and activity level. You can also create customized workouts by coupling the shirt with a unique app that works right along with your cellphone or a detachable blue tooth. A refreshing take on the beloved classic. Starting at $295.



neuroon mask wearable tech wish list

Neuroon Mask

Do the bags under your eyes make you feel like an extra on The Walking Dead? The Neuroon mask may be just what the doctor ordered. This unique mask is designed to help wearers achieve optimal napping goodness by measuring their brain waves, muscle tension, and eye movements so that they can power through those long days in the office. It’s also fitted with a jet lag app that helps you adjust to your new time zone when you’re jet setting. Pre-order yours today and get them in time for the holidays.



zepp golf wearable tech wish list


Trying to get a stroke like Tiger? The people at Zepp have got you covered. The Golf 3D swing analyzer glove allows you to track and see your swing in 3D, analyze your swing data, set goals and track improvements. It’s unique app even lets you compare your stats to the pro’s.  Get yours today for $149.99 and we’ll see you on the putting green.