As we welcome the first day of June, Vanichi’s Creative Director and Fashion Director, Courtney Ann, has a special surprise for Vanichi readers.

With the weekend at a close and the new week beginning, there’s nothing better than feeling empowered after a weekend full of compliments. Usually, when people compliment me, it’s on wardrobe choice or cool new hair style (thanks to Rosalinda Duggan). This weekend, it was my handbag.

So after much debate as to how selfish I should could be with this I decided I couldn’t keep it to myself and had to share with you, our readers. Robert Matthew is the name of these fab new bags that you will see on starlets if you take a stroll down Rodeo Drive or simply put the top down on that sexy convertible and cruise along Sunset Blvd. Celebs like Julia Stiles and Alicia Silverstone recognize the beautiful quality and detail that goes into each of these handbags.

robert matthew emily tote orange

My favorite part is the functionality. You know how life is ladies… rushing out the door to the office, heading to that afternoon lunch meeting or running to the airport hoping not to miss your flight out of town. Functionality is key but we don’t want to lose quality, versatility or looks in the process.

Robert and Matthew recognize the passion between a woman and her handbag. Hailing from the state of California, they loved to see the evolving fashion of women. From the casual styles of San Francisco to the fashion forward influences of Los Angeles and New York.

robert matthew emily tote fuschia

I’ve been sporting my favorite, the Emily Tote. It uses animal-friendly vegan leather and light gold plated hardware it’s sleek and sophisticated which allows me to wear it everywhere. Because of my love of my bag, I wanted each of you to be able to get one as well. Go to Robert Matthew and use our exclusive coupon code: vanichi  at check out for 30% off. That’s what I call winning.

Oh, and check out our blogs to follow different chic ways to wear yours.


Courtney Ann