Vanichi Editors pick Ultimate Summer Bag Selections for Her that have you feeling like a ray of sunshine

Vanichi editors are at it again. This time, they’re picking their Ultimate Summer Bag Selections from artisanal luxury and heritage brands around the world. From mellow yellow hobo-style shoulder bags to salmon leather backpacks to lightweight clutches to embroidered beauties, here’s our list of favorites for the glorious months ahead.

Our ultimate summer bag choices also represent innovative thinking about sourcing and sustainability from these artisanal brands. Discover more below.

The Colorful Minimalist

150 US

For those who think minimalist style has to be all black, grey and beige – it’s time to think again. This Minku Afefe Bag with Holes in Mustard will appeal to your “keep it simple” mindset while welcoming a splash of sunny color into your look.


Handcrafted in Spain, this lightweight design only tops the scale at 220g or .5 lbs. The perforated leather is also designed with Minku’s patented Eleko Wave process and sports a broad, comfy shoulder strap. This Afefe bag intentionally aligns with your natural center of gravity and fits right under your arm at breastbone level. Additional colors are available. It’s just one more example of why Minku is one of our favorite emerging African luxury brands.

The Conscious Backpack

3300 US

Handcrafted in London by master artisans, The Amelia backpack by AITCH AITCH in a gorgeous shade of teal has a lot of story packed inside. The exterior is paneled matte salmon skin while the interior is patent leather salmon skin. If you’re unfamiliar with salmon skin being used as a leather, there’s a lot to learn.


The salmon skin AITCH AITCH uses is sourced from organic salmon farms in Ireland. The tanning and dyeing processes use non-chemical and non-toxic techniques that also mean good news for local water supplies. Normally, salmon skin would be a waste product to be discarded as a by-product of the fishing industry. AITCH AITCH helps make these geometric skin a luxurious statement making leather to be incorporated into their designs.

Available in additional colors.

The Slim Fit


Every element of an Okapi bag is entirely traceable, sustainable and ethically sourced. 100% of the chains, horns, labels, leathers, linings and packaging are made and sourced in South Africa.

The Nambi clutch by Okapi in Oryx Stone Wash is sleek and slim. Made from genuine ostrich shin, it is just big enough to hold the essentials. We like how easily it can it into a larger day bag and then be pulled out to become a neutral companion for cocktails or an evening event.

okapi+nambi+ultimate_summer_bag_vanichiThe bag features a suede lining and comes with a choice of two wristlets. Aside from the buff color we chose, the bag is available in a full range of bright to neutral options. We also fancied the Lathyrus.

The Social Circle

1815 US

Sometimes, you need some circular thinking. The BUwood Bumi 18 in Red Leather is sure to start a conversation or two. The smooth, rounded design is topped with polished gold hardware and a firm, leather-wrapped handle. This large Bumi 18 also comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

ultimate_summer_bag_selections_buwood_bumiCreated by Anya Bumagina, BUwood handbags are crafted by an exclusive team of artisans in Milan. The Bumi bag alone is 47 step fabrication process. The brand leans toward monochromatic color, geometrics and elegant design.


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